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Fountains of Youth and Keeping Young

keeping young with sand and surf and the flush of passionate love
Remember my sister's friend who got hitched? Yes, they had their honeymoon in the Caribbean, particularly in one of those Barbados villa rentals where couples get to enjoy a real Caribbean vacation experience.

But more than that, my sister's friend came back with great stories about Barbados, especially its connection to the mystical fig tree, which has been revered as one possible "Fountain of Youth." In fact, Barbados is so named after the island's bearded fig trees by Portuguese explorers.

The fig is thought to be a gift from the Greek goddess Demeter whom her worshippers believed to be responsible for nourishing youth, bringing the seasons and preserving marriage. The last blessing mentioned is considered a large influence on Barbados as a top wedding and honeymoon destination for couples worldwide.

Besides the Fig, Barbados has much to offer to nourish natural beauty and youth. Here are the top ten Fountains of Youth found in Barbados:

1. Sand and Surf. Barbados sand has myriad textures that'd be great for exfoliating. After scrubbing down til your skin shines so bright, strip down and take a dip in the cool, clean Atlantic where the salty seawater heals and soothes your skin to rosy health.

2. Be One With Nature. Breathe the cleanest air in the world along Bathsheba beach, and submerge your self in natural mineral pools that form during low tide in protected coves where unique rock formations from an ancient coral reef abound.

3. The Dancing Fingers Massage. A rare relaxing experience found at Sugar Sugar Spa. I don't know whether this kind of massage exists anywhere else in the world, but my sister's friend swears it's the most amazing massage she ever had. Yes, well... Gotta experience that before I add my voice to the cheering team.

4. Experience Nature At Its Most Raw. See how paradise looks when untouched and be up close and personal with natural history. Welchman Hall Gully is believed to awaken a deep inner energy and sense of well-being in its visitors.

5. Give your Feet the Royal Treatment. Sink your toes in soft, white sand, warmed from the Caribbean sun. Let your soles breathe and wear sandals or go barefoot, so different from the urban footwear they're usually encased. And what's more! A pedicure from one of the best foot salons in town, Lady C's in Christ Church.

6. Work up a good sweat while hiking. Barbados has lots of hiking trails. Its land is filled with exotic locales where a good 3-hour trek can invigorate the mind, body and spirit, especially when couples take a moonlit walk along the beach. So romantic!

7. Can you keep a secret? Keeping an air of mystery is one of the secrets of youth. That aura of hidden allure is part of Barbados' attraction. Discover a little "swimming pool" carved out of a rock located at the top tip of the island. This sweet spot is found in Little Bay in the parish of St Lucy.

8. Meditation and Rhythm With the Waves. The sound of water lapping softly against the sand can lull one's mind to a peaceful meditation which relieves stress and relaxes the soul. Keeping a peaceful and positive disposition is one of the keys to keeping young.

9. Interact with Friendly Wildlife. Animals especially those friendly with humans are also effective stress relievers. They remind us that life is not only about humans. It includes everything on earth that breathes and grows. Such realization makes our personal problems trivial in the face of universal concerns.

10. Privacy with Your Beloved. The piece de resistance: a private and luxurious time with your one great love. Why else would my sister's friend choose Barbados? She and her husband spent intimate time with each other in the most romantic and unforgettable settings in the world.

Fountains of Youth are objects of myth, but we can achieve a bit of that anti-aging treasure by keeping our stress levels at a minimum, keeping in tune with our bodies' responses, being in constant exposure to natural elements, and maintaining a healthy and positive attitude towards life.


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