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How Do You Treat Scalp Acne and Scalp Dermatitis?

English: Picture of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.
A case of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis on the back of the head (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you suffer from pimples on the scalp, then it's important to find a good scalp acne treatment. They're ugly, painful, and irritating. We can't see them ourselves so we pick them often by scratching our scalp before knowing they're there. Scalp wounds tend to bleed and this can make the spots visible, especially if your hair is thinning, fine or very short.

Most acne on the scalp has the same cause as acne on the face, that is, overproduction of sebum leading to blockages of hair follicles, which often become infected. Inflammation can be caused by a condition called seborrheic dermatitis, and this, together with oily skin, is what you have to go along with scalp acne. What happens is the scalp will be red and itchy and the skin will flake off as dandruff.

Associated with the condition of seborrheic dermatitis and more serious cases is yeast and it's sometimes prescribed with an anti fungal agent. At the same time, topical steroids may be prescribed. You can apply these solutions and ointments to the scalp.

In some cases, aloe vera gel is effective for treating seborrheic dermatitis.

The best scalp acne treatment is a shampoo that treats the seborrhea. Dandruff shampoo is what this is also known as.

You can prevent further inflammation by continuing to use the shampoo from time to time if you see an improvement in the condition of your scalp and if your dandruff is gone. You can start with once a week and increase to once every two weeks until you can do once a month. Most people find this to be an effective scalp acne treatment after the condition is first brought under control.

Acne keloidalis nuchae is a more serious form of acne and it's found mainly on the occipital scalp at the back of the head. What happens is the hair follicles will become infected chronically. Hair will be lost and disfiguring plaques will be formed if it's untreated.

Shaving the head or neck or clipping the hair very short makes the condition worse and may be a cause. It seems that when curly, coarse hair is shaved or cut close it can re-enter and irritate the follicle as it grows. Exercising in shirts with collars that rub against the neck, like a football shirt, can also contribute.

The condition is more likely in athletes and men who have hair cut short or shaved. The condition is rare to women probably because their hair is longer. If you think you may have acne keloidalis nuchae, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible for scalp acne treatment.

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