Friday, July 18

The Honeymoon

Well the bride and groom have gone to their honeymoon. They are probably enjoying some sun and surf at some Caribbean resort. The word was that they had one of those Caribbean villa rentals for the 2-week vacation they both needed. Why two weeks? Both are too involved with their work they can't afford to lose time beyond the two weeks they're allowed for their honeymoon. But hey, they got a lifetime of being together. If you were in their place, what more could you ask for?

Just a bit of trivia...

The original tradition of a couple going away for some time began with a story of bride-napping in North European history. For a man to claim a woman, he must abduct her and hide her from family and friends for some time until the bride's family gave up their search.

The "honeymoon" tradition was also interpreted by British poets and prose writers in the 16th and 17th centuries as a waxing and waning of marital affection based on the Nordic notion. To the Northern Europeans the terms referred to the body's monthly cycle and, combining it with honey, suggested that not all "moons" of married life were as sweet as the first.

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