Thursday, January 16

Skin Care and Other Health Problems in Aging

Bath cosmetics
Cleanse your skin with sea salt and other bath products. (Photo credit: advertising-photographer-london)
Getting old is a natural course of life. Mostly, aging brings a lot of health issues, including skin care and memory problems, to the table. A lot of the elderly choose to take control of their bodies and minds through healthy living. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle can make aging an enjoyable stage in one's life.

* Sunscreen - Sun protection is more important than ever by the time we hit our late thirties. Spread a lot of that good stuff on your skin to keep out the UV rays that causes skin cancer.

* Water - Drink lots of water every day. Drink more when you go out and spend some time outdoors. We lose so much water in our bodies when we age. We need to get that back by drinking more water.

* Moisturize - You've heard of many ways to moisturize your skin. Some people use shea butter while others prefer glycerine-based lotions. Try more than one treatment and see which is more effective for you. Make sure you keep moisture near your skin longer to stop it from drying out.

The elderly can choose to stay in a community designed to take care of the aging population. These places have facilities, such as gyms and clinics, that cater to the health care needs of their residents. Aside from finding fellow retirees at the places and getting involved with a whirling social scene, elderly residents are assured of well-maintained community housing and healthcare facilities supported by advanced technologies in medical treatment and information management. They can check in with loved ones through email and take care of their personal health and financial records via the community website.

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