Friday, January 17

How Can They Hear You Scream?

Sound waves
Sound waves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sound needs a medium, something that's solid, liquid or gas that can carry it through space. In a vacuum, sound can't travel at all. That's why no one can hear you scream in outer space. When sound travels through the air, they're called sound waves or audio signals. Certain devices catch the frequencies of these sounds and turn them into something discernible for human ears. This is where the lachapell audio signal processors at guitar center come in. They not only receive the signals, but also create them and broadcast them, especially when they come from a musical instrument.

Have you ever wondered why studios have special walls that are sound-proofed? These walls prevent sounds from outside the room from entering and ruining the recording process. The walls also reduce the chance of sound from reflecting back and developing an echo in the recording. On the contrary, opera houses and sound stages where musicals are performed and movies are filmed have special walls and ceilings that specially reflect sounds to the best possible quality.

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