Saturday, January 18

Dry Skin Prevention Tip: Moisturize and Exfoliate

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar (Photo credit: aka Jens Rost)
Dry skin is the bane of women during cold weather. Your skin doesn't feel much of the cold because there's less moisture on it. However, it also becomes itchy and once scratched, it leaves white marks. A better option would be to moisturize and exfoliate your skin regularly in late autumn, winter, and early spring. You can wear your moisturizer with SPF and antioxidants for both day and night, or you can use separate day and night creams. Use sea salt or sugar scrubs for your face and body in the shower and after you washed your hands and legs. Remove the embedded dirt and oils on your face using a mild exfoliating scrub once a week. Make your own scrub with extra virgin coconut oil and brown sugar.

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