Sunday, September 15

Carving Soaps Using an L-Clamp

A collection of decorative soaps, commonly fou...
Some decorative soaps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sometimes, you want to make your gift special by adding a personal touch, like stenciling a message on the object or carving it with a decorative design. A great idea for this unique gift is carving out text in the center of a soap bar or make a fancy border around it. However, you need to make sure the soap bar stays in place when you take a knife or scalpel to its surface. At this point, you should start looking for an L clamp. It's easy to install on the edge of a work table. The clamp's screw is simple enough to maneuver when you need to use it. Place the soap bar between the clamp's mouth and turn the screw until it holds the soap tight in its grip.

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