Friday, June 28

Skidless Yoga Towel on a Yoga Mat

Yoga practitioners sweat a lot while doing difficult poses or asanas. It's important that the yogis maintain each pose for several minutes before moving on to the next. Hence, they should avoid slipping and sliding on the floor as much as possible. This is where a skidless yoga towel on a yoga mat comes in.

A mat provides the yogi a clean area to do his or her poses. The yoga towel absorbs the sweat from the yoga practitioner's body and keep him or her steady while maintaining a pose. Unlike an ordinary bath towel, this specific towel has small rubber pads attached to the side that comes in contact with the mat. The rubber pads prevents the towel from slipping or bunching up while the yogi goes through the asanas. So, when you shop for skidless yoga towel, look for the kind with rubber pads on the back.

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