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Of Sarongs, Pareos, and Beach Wraps

Women rarely go to the beach without a beach sarong or beach pareo tucked inside their tote bags. These large shawls made of cotton-weave textile can sheath a woman's body from the top of her head to her thighs. Aside from a warm covering against the chilly seaside air, the beach sarong also offers women many creative ways to show off their feminine beauty with a bit of their modesty still intact at the beach.

A Beach Sarong Style that Brings Out the Real Woman in You

The sarong's textile is mostly woven with cotton threads and printed with colorful ink patterns that look similar to the Indonesian Batik or the tie-dyed prints of the Seventies. Some women wear this on top of a swimsuit while the fearless ones wear this thin fabric without their bikini tops. The sarong gets wet and everyone at the beach gets an eyeful of your "jewel-encrusted chest." But, this wardrobe can be avoided through a cleverly folded sarong.

Measure a wide band of about 4 to 5 inches from the top edge of the sarong and fold this down. Next, fold up a two-inch band over the first layer to cover up your breasts, particularly the nipple area. Then, lift the sarong with its folded parts intact and wrap it tightly around your torso from under your arms. Hold the top corners firmly as you tie a double knot between your breasts. If you have a small chest, then pull the ends across your throat and knot them up against your nape. Use a large hair clip to keep the knot in place.

How the Beach Pareo Defines a New Beach Style

The beach pareo is worn by both men and women as a skirt in Tahiti. This long fabric can also be worn as a dress in a Grecian style. First, fold down 4 inches of fabric from the top before folding up two inches from the edge. This creates a protective cover of layered fabric for your bare breasts. Second, hold the top corners and wrap the pareo around your torso from under your arms. Unlike the simple sarong style, the corners of the pareo wrap meet and cross each other under your left or right armpit. Finally, tie a knot on your shoulder and keep it in place with a hair clip or a large decorative pin.

Elegance and Beauty When Tying a Beach Wrap Combo

Sometimes, a single wrap doesn't give much justice to a woman's beautiful face and body. In this case, we must use two sarongs or pareos. Take the first sarong and neatly fold down about 4 inches from its top edge. Repeatedly fold the wrap until it's a four-inch wide band of fabric. Wrap this around your torso beneath your breasts until the fabric's edges end up in front. Pull up the top corners, twist them in front, and tie them into a knot at your nape. Then, tuck in the rest of the fabric into the band and adjust the edges so they cover the sides of your breasts. Finally, wrap the second sarong around your hips and wear it loose and low.

These suggestions on tying a beach wrap are just three of many ideas shared by women around the world. Other people have used the sarong as a warming blanket and as a modified arm sling. Some women wore it as a head scarf or a wide belt. Whatever creative ways you'll use your sarong or pareo, this beach wrap remains a valuable beach wear and travel accessory for women.

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