Sunday, May 19

Go Tan Without The Sun

Photo Credit: m00by via under Creative Commons

The sun's rays are full of dangers, the least of which is sunburn. Sun worshipers have been known to develop skin cancer from too much exposure to ultraviolet rays. Their passionate pursuit for the perfectly even tan leads them to overdo their sun exposure. People who wanted a summer tan, but didn't want to spend too many hours splayed naked under the sun have other options. These handy tanning products are healthy alternatives to staying too long outdoors, getting sunburned, and possibly developing skin cancer in the end.

L'Oreal Clear Self-Tanning Gel

This cosmetic product is free of parabens, which are chemicals that kill microbes in body lotions, facial creams, and makeup.As a result, they preserve the freshness and good quality of cosmetics longer. This self-tanning gel from L'Oreal doesn't contain any of these harsh chemicals. Dubbed "A Splash of Sun," this cooling gel formula is encased in a spray bottle and its misty application leaves a mild citrus scent on skin.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

This tanning mousse is applied via a small pump bottle and spread all over the body. It has a nice deep bronze color and dries up in a minute. It's been infused with aloe vera to soften skin and make it feel smooth. It doesn't have harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates that affect the normal functions of the endocrine system and can cause cancer.

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