Saturday, May 18

Benefits of Gold on Skin Care and Anti-Aging Purposes

Be a Golden Goddess
We all know that alchemy is one of the pseudosciences that many ancient scholars practice. They believe that certain elements can be transformed into gold. In this case, good health and beautiful skin can be achieved through the use of gold bars and its other forms whether worn as jewelry or ingested as powder in food and drinks.

Some spas and beauty salons offer a 24-Carat Pure Gold Facial, which increases blood flow to the face and brings more oxygen and nutrients to human cells. According to skincare experts, this kind of facial speeds up cellular processes and promotes regeneration of skin cells. Aside from that, gold also activates electrons in the skin that stimulates healing between cells. This slows down the loss of elastin caused by aging and prevents sagging skin.

Apart from facials, consumers can also buy skincare products with gold in them. There are skin toners and moisturizers that use gold along with polypeptide compounds and skin-nourishing proteins. In addition, ancient Egyptians used to eat powdered gold with their food because they believed they'd become immortal from it. presently, chefs in five-star restaurants are using edible gold to decorate garnishes in their dishes.

Photo Credit: ROSS HONG KONG via under Creative Commons.

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