Friday, April 26

Why Put a Vent in Your Home?

A central ventilation tube and vent.
A central ventilation tube and vent. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Vents may be installed into a wall with a fan to direct air through the chute outside or to a turbine on the roof. They're mostly found in kitchens where a lot of smoke, moisture and heat coming from the pots and pans tend to gather near the ceiling. Sometimes, vents are installed in bedrooms with no windows and basements situated below ground level. Most importantly, an air vent in the garage help get rid of carbon monoxide and other noxious fumes.

The best setup for a ventilation system is to put a wall fan with a filter against the wall and connect that with a Parker indutrial rubber hose. The air is sent through the hose and release outside via another vent. The filter is important because it gets rid of dust particles and allergens that may be floating in the air inside your home. In addition, air vents keep the air from becoming stale.

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