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Can Teeth Whitening Make You Look Younger?

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Sculpting (enamel re-contouring of the lower front teeth) and Bonding in one visit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Although teeth had nothing to do with wrinkles, they still have so much to do with your overall appearance. Looking at time-lapse pictures of aging men and women, we notice that badly decayed teeth or the loss of them seems to strongly indicate old age and a sign of physical weakening. Admittedly, teeth whitening contributes little to making you look younger, but the sight of neatly aligned white teeth can reduce the effects of these signs of aging: dried up and wrinkled skin, loss of fatty tissue, dark circles under the eyes, and dry stringy hair.

Introducing the Zoom Whitening System

Currently, one of the most popular treatments in teeth whitening, called the Zoom Whitening System, has been proving itself worthy of its reputation throughout the world from England to the U.S. of A. to Sydney in Australia. This treatment applies a high-grade peroxide-based gel on the surface of the affected teeth as bleaching agent. Timed exposures to an intense LED light source stimulate the bleaching process and hasten the effects on teeth. For as little time spent on the dentist's chair as 45 minutes, you'll immediately notice a difference in the color of your teeth. After an hour, you'll definitely see how much lighter your teeth looks. By the end of two to three dental visits, you're going to see concrete proof that discolored enamel due to nicotine, alcohol, or caffeine can be whitened up to two shades lighter.

Possible Minor Side Effects?

So far, no technology or procedure has yet achieved perfection in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Each person with a dental problem must be given treatment that fits his or her expectations, but also provides a lower risk for health-related complications to develop. For instance, repeated applications of a high-grade peroxide-based whitening gel presents the risk of some patients developing highly sensitive teeth and gums when they didn't have them before the treatments. Mostly, dental clients experience minimal discomfort during the tooth whitening procedure and receive either a topical or an injectable anesthetic to significantly reduce their feelings of anxiety towards the treatment.

Factors Affecting the Total Cost of the Dental Whitening Treatment

Of course, the costs of Zoom Whitening System vary from dental specialist to another based on several factors that include:

  • the dentist's choice of light-source technology (i.e. a laser device is more expensive than a high-intense LED light source)
  • the quality and supply of dental equipment (i.e. gum protectors and dental blocks)
  • the cost of miscellaneous procedures included in the package, such as prophylactic cleaning and root planing before the tooth whitening and a quick fluoride application after treatment
  • the professional fees of the dental health specialist, which takes into account the extensive medical training and years of experience he or she had under the belt
  • other supplementary costs, such as overhead expenses of the clinic and a teeth whitening kit for regular maintenance at home.
The kit may be sold to the client at a heavily discounted price or provided as a complementary gift. Generally, the kit includes a custom dental tray molded and fitted at the clinic for a comfortable wear, a couple of tubes of the dental-grade whitening gel, and several protective strips for the gums. Along with the kit, the client is often requested to return for basic dental check-ups and follow-up treatments.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment
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Choosing the Right Cosmetic Dentist for Tooth Whitening

If you're considering a teeth whitening treatment via Zoom, then also consider which dental specialist to visit and ask about payment options, such as coursing deferred payments through your health insurance. Also, take time to ask current or previous clients of the dentist you want to see. You'll also find out about your dentist's academic background and overall reputation in the cosmetic dentistry community through public records from professional associations and license regulating boards.

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