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Health Benefits of Taking a Dip in a Heated Spa Pool Regularly

Outdoor heated pool
Outdoor heated pool (Photo credit: Ranchseeker (
Heat is usually applied to painful joints to relieve pain from the inflamed area. Meanwhile, anything that's cold is best for reducing the swollen flesh and stopping the blood flow to the area. So, it's good to have a heating pad in the house for quick applications on arthritic joints or as a first aid tool to relieve ankle sprains and wrist pain from RSI. If a heating pad or a folded face towel dipped carefully in boiling hot water is an effective joint pain reliever, then just imagine what a pool of heated water can do for your aching joints.

That's exactly why many people visit a spa for a hot massage or a sauna bath to get rid of muscle tiredness and joint aches after a long day at work. This is also the same reason why homeowners would want to invest in a Jacuzzi or a spa pool with a Raypak heater. The following are the probable health benefits that people can have from enjoying a brief dip into a heated pool now and then:

  • Improved blood flow on the area where the heat was applied. Immersing you whole body in the pool increase your body temperature, heightens your metabolism, and raises your heart rate.

  • A dip into a comfortably heated pool also encourages your body to produce endorphins, which are feel-good hormones that also relieve pain.

  • When exposed to heated water or air, skin pores open up and release toxins from the body. This is similar to when we sweat and our body expresses these unwanted organic compounds, such as minerals that the human body cannot absorb and synthesize.

Hot baths and showers also bring about the same effects as a heated spa pool. The difference is in the sudden shifts from hot to cold. After getting out of the shower or tub, your body reacts to the lower temperature in the room. This time your body doubles its efforts to bring warmth to the surface of the skin. That's when heat turns beneficial for the skin pores because they open up and get rid of the clogged particles, excess oils, and dead skin cells. When exposed to the air, which is colder than the heated water, the skin immediately tightens in response and the pores close up.

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