Saturday, November 17

A Missed Opportunity Learning to Play the Guitar

Pressing the guitar's frets correctly
Playing a guitar (Photo credit: hugochisholm)
One of my cousin's sons is currently working as an apprentice at a guitar store and doing side jobs in repairing and restoring old and used guitars of friends and a few solid customers. He loves guitars, but he's not yet become a virtuoso. Rescuing the broken and the lonely among these timeless stringed instruments takes some more years of helping modern guitars get back their original luster. Right now, he's got a couple of branded guitars (I had a glimpse of his red and white Gibson in his bedroom) and several musician's accessories from DiMarzio that he used often during band practice.

However, his passion for guitars and the music he makes with them is nothing short of inspirational. In comparison, I've little skill or experience with guitars. Other than that short stint playing banduria with a group, I haven't studied or touched a musical instrument since grade school. Now, I'm feeling a little regret that I didn't spend time learning the chords and strumming the last guitar we ever had in our house. After several years languishing against that wall in a dim area of our living room, that handcrafted acoustic guitar made from mahogany was finally given away to my other cousin (in my mother's side) as a birthday gift.

Fortunately, I haven't lost my musical ear. I know how to listen to subtle differences in tone and melody although I don't have the credentials or training to make credible judgments. Yet, I've enjoyed watching these singing competitions on TV. Some were no more than popularity contests while one or two stand out as authentic jousts between talented songbirds. In addition, the judges of these competitions definitely earned their positions because of extensive knowledge and experience in the music industry.

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