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Dealing With Dark Eye Circles and Wrinkles Naturally

Dark circles
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There are many people who get plenty of sleep and lead a healthy life style but still have under eye dark circles on their faces. A lot of people tend to consider this as an indication of late nights, partying and general dissipation. Of course, these things could lead to under eye dark circle formation but there can be many other factors that could be involved as well.

It is common in most people as they get older that their skin becomes thinner and the amount of collagen protein in their skin becomes reduced. There are plenty of tiny blood vessels underneath the skin surface in the eye area and the thinning of the skin layer could cause them to become more noticeable and cause skin discoloration.

Genetics and heredity are a major factor in the health of a persons skin and whether they will develop under eye dark circles. If the problem has been running in their family they too will have an inclination to develop this problem. People of certain races could also get dark circles by reason of irregularities in the skin pigmentation. This is of particular concern to people of Asian or black heritage.

Allergies to many different things such as foods, pets and environmental aspects could cause under eye dark circles to develop. Those who have any allergic reactions or who have persistent dark circles underneath their eyes which are not linked with heredity should consult their health care provider to get information and assistance. Nasal blockage due to cold can also cause under eye dark circles and several over the counter solutions are available to clear sinuses.

People need to be aware that appearance of under eye dark circles could imply that there could be a more serious medical condition involved. People who are having internal problems such as kidney or thyroid conditions often develop dark circles. If you are unsure as to why you have the dark circles then taking immediate medical advice is highly recommended.

Your living style and personal habits have much to do with the health of your body and your skin. Certain things which can lead to under eye black circles are persistent stress and emotional anxiety because they could cause insomnia and sleeplessness. If you smoke, that could cause premature skin aging and discoloration under the eyes so you have to quit. Drinking alcohol heavily on a routine basis could cause you many health problems and that includes skin darkening under the eyes therefore reducing your alcohol intake is a good way to remove dark circles.

Being outside in the sun on a regular basis exposes people to the harmful UV rays. As a way to protect itself the skin layers produces melanin, a pigment which darkens the skin. Pigmentation variations are specifically observable in the thin skin around the eyes. When the skin is likely to be exposed to the sunlight a protective pair of sunglasses needs to worn along with a layer of sunscreen with a high SPF factor.

If an individual already has dark circles there are some home remedies which can be used to reduce the problem. Keeping cold objects on the eye area can help to reduce swelling. This remedy is very effective but the effects are short-lived. A preferred choice for cool eye packs involves the usage of green tea bags which have an anti-inflammatory agent that can help to reduce discoloration as well as swelling. Creams or lotions which have collagen protein as one of their ingredients will help to replenish this essential skin protector and stave off black circles.

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