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Living the Good Life in a Small Beach Town Called Holden Beach

Surf and Sunset at Holden Beach, NC
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What is your definition of the good life? Is it the capability to buy luxuries you want and provide the needs of your family without worrying about the bills and other household expenses? Is it the opportunities to travel and see the world with someone you love? Is it possessing objects of value priced along the six-figure range each? Or, is it feeling a complete satisfaction over the quality of life you're living even when you and your family aren't part of the A-List citizens in your neighborhood?

To me, the last definition is my idea of a good life. I don't need wealth, fame or prestige. I only need a place to rest my head peacefully, to do the things I want, and to be who I am without prejudice. And, in one of my visualizations of what this "good life" constitutes, I could see a beach house in a quiet community somewhere south. If you're living in North Carolina, then you'd have heard of Holden Beach, which has a very long stretch of white beach that's perfect for jogging on foggy mornings, playing with your dog on a relaxing afternoon, or simply for walking hand-in-hand with your sweetheart on a balmy evening.
Holden Beach is actually an island town, one of many in the South Brunswick Islands in North Carolina. It's near Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Wilmington in the north. The whole stretch of white sand faces south. And so, anyone from the shore can watch the sunrise and sunset panorama unfold again and again. The community only has 900 or more hometown residents all year, but the number swells to around 10,000 when summertime peaks and tourists come in droves.

When it comes to real estate Holden Beach NC has many options to offer. Whether you want to stay at Holden Beach as a resident or you just wanted a place to crash in during summers, you have a choice among beach cottages for day trippers, low-maintenance condos for the summer months, and majestic homes by the ocean that can accommodate a large family gathering or a corporate event.

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