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Taking Care Of Frizzy Hair

Do you usually deal with untamed, frizzy hair? You're always wearing the "finger in a light socket" look each time you go outside on a humid day, have a shower, or do something as simple as brush your hair. If this sounds way too familiar, there are steps you can take to tame the beast, without having to break the bank on pricey serums or salon styling.

Pros say that the hair shaft consists of three layers and the outermost is not a solid, smooth surface at all. Rather, this layer is actually made up of small cells that overlap each other that should be laying perfectly smooth like shingles. Your hair gets frizzy when these overlapping cells do not lay perfectly smooth. When they lift, your hair gets kinky, curly, and rigid.

Frizzy hair is often dry. Dry, frizzy hair can be tamed using intense conditioning, moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and even overnight oil treatments. Do not wash your hair too often. Apart from drying out hair, it disrupts the follicle layer. When you do wash it, use plenty of conditioner and thoroughly blot hair dry.

In the case of your battle against the frizz, hair styling products are either your best buddy or worst enemy. If you've got really dry hair, use a light-weight, leave-in conditioner. You can even try using normal conditioner. Get a small amount and mix it with water before massaging it into your hair after a shower. Remember not to apply leave-in conditioner close to the roots, however.

You'll find a lot of anti-frizz products with silicone. These products are effective in smoothening hair, but they also make it easy for hair to become dirty fast. It is better to use anti-frizz products with moisturizers or oils in them. Select your products very carefully if you would like keep your frizzy hair down using sprays and gels. Understand that you're going to be restricting your hair's natural flexibility with a stiffening product. Pick hair sprays and gels labeled gentle or flexible if you really want to use them.

One of the most widely used treatments for frizzy hair is a straightening iron, but try not to be tempted. Heat from straightening irons causes damage to the inner and outer layers of hair shafts. Additionally, it weakens the hair and leads to split ends. What's more, a straightening iron doesn't really tame the frizz. For straightening your hair, go for special shampoos and non-damaging serums. Alternatively, you can use a gentle setting lotion with large rollers to change tight curls to smooth waves.

Whether or not your hair is exposed to high temperatures from the environment or from styling tools, make sure it gets trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks. This removes all split ends, which contribute to frizz. In addition, taking in more protein or using protein containing products fortifies hair structure, making it less prone to damage. Lastly, refrain from over-styling your hair and you'll win over the frizz.

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