Saturday, May 19

Noteworthy Health Benefits of a Hot Tub Soak

Hot tub at Big White Ski Resort, Canada.
Hot tub at Big White Ski Resort, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Japanese tradition of sinking into a hot tub of water is actually a very healthy practice. This bath is called Ofuro or Furo in Japanese, and it's been purported as beneficial to health. According to various sources, a hot bath promotes blood circulation, cleanses toxins, soothes muscle tension, and improves metabolism. If you have a large bath tub or an outdoor jacuzzi at home, then you'll surely benefit from an occasional dip into the hot water to relieve your muscle aches and migraines as well as ease your mental and emotional state. In effect, it's a great stress reliever. When not in use, you should protect your tub from contamination using hot tub covers.

To guide you in setting your bath temperature, make sure you read the suggested ranges in Fahrenheit listed on this page. Take note of the precautions mentioned at the bottom.
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