Thursday, March 1

The Simplest Exercise Equipment You Can Have At Home

A resistance band may look similar to a jump rope with a handle attached to each end of their length. However, a resistance band is more likely to have a flatter or thinner body than the jump rope. On one hand, a jump rope is less likely to be made from elastic material. What's more a jump rope usually have a longer length than a resistance band, which may look short at its resting state, but can be stretched to twice its normal length when used during resistance training. Moreover, some resistance bands form a continuous strip of elastic material without any handle.

A resistance band may be used as a stand-alone exercise tool or as a substitute for hand weights or a rowing machine. Resistance band exercises target the same muscle groups that are affected by exercising on a rowing machine or doing bicep curls using weights. Travelers who don't want to miss workout sessions in their resistance training prefer to bring a resistance band with them because it's lightweight, portable and easy-to-store.

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