Saturday, February 18

What is a Yoga Block?

Yoga mostly consists of limbering exercises, balanced postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. However, yoga, like other forms of physical fitness training, also uses props or tools, such as a yoga block, to make bending, stretching and contorting less difficult to maintain in a posture that requires stillness of body, calmness of mind, and serenity of the spirit.

Yoga blocks vary in size. Some blocks are so small they're called bricks. They have the same measurements as bricks. They often come in the four by six by nine size. They're placed under wrists or ankles, and they provide stability to your yoga poses. A yoga block or brick is usually made from a softly textured, but semi-firm material, such as cork or foam . It's solid enough to serve as good support for your back or to carry your weight.

Aside from providing stability and support, a yoga block also helps reduce the distance between the body and the floor. It also helps you modify your yoga poses with better flexibility and comfort. Moreover, a yoga block is very useful for pregnant or menstruating women who are practitioners of Asanas Yoga.

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