Sunday, February 19

Titanium Jewelry is Hypoallergenic! Best for my skin type.

Traditionally, rings either worn as fashionable jewelry or as wedding bands were made with either gold or silver. Yet, people today rarely follow tradition and very much prefer wearing jewelry made from durable materials aside from gold or silver. Examples of these modern types of jewelry include the titanium rings and tungsten rings. Although they have less market value compared to gold or silver, titanium and tungsten are very durable metal elements.

Aside from durability, titanium rings in particular have hypoallergenic properties that won't cause your sensitive skin to break out from an allergic reaction. With gold or silver, some people develop a rash, or worse, an eczema problem that is difficult to get rid of completely. If you have sensitive skin and easily develop an allergy to gold or silver, then wearing titanium rings, bracelets and necklaces are your best choice. Moreover, titanium does not tarnish or rust for a long, long time. Any jewelry made from titanium will surely last a lifetime.

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