Saturday, February 18

Name Tags I Used To Make

I remember creating simple name tags out of a cut-up squares of white cartolina. I'd stick a medium-sized safety pin at the top and write the first name of the person in big letters using a Pentel pen with a fat tip. With my own name tag, I remember drawing cute little flowers around my name.

However, the days of using plain cartolina or cardboard to make name tags are long gone. Today, name tags are made with plastic-laminated ID cards that may be digitally printed with colored logos and background designs. A magnetic strip or a bar code may also be added to the name tags. To wear them, people don't need to attach a safety pin. Each card already comes with a plastic clip or a strip of adhesive at the back. Others would attach a cord or a lanyard to a punched hole at the top, and then, they'd wear their name tags like a necklace.

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