Sunday, February 19

Get A Flawless Tan From Airbrushing With Tanning Sprays

Honestly, I already got a tan. However, the areas of my body that are less exposed have lighter skin than my arms, legs, shoulders, neck and face. It would be wise for me to have these light areas tanned by safe means. Definitely, sun bathing is out of the list of tanning methods I'll consider.

Yet, I'm wary of using tanning methods that I don't have control over the shade of tan I wanted to achieve. I want to match the shade of my tanned arms and legs with the tan I want on my chest, stomach and upper thighs. I know the best option is to have an expert at the salon or spa give my skin a flawless tan, but salon tanning is expensive for my budget.

I also tried tanning creams before, but they didn't give me a smooth and even tan. In fact, my skin looked splotchy. Right now, I'm looking at using tanning sprays as safer and quicker alternatives to indoor tanning, tanning lotions, or sun bathing. What's more, I can use an airbrush to spray a fine mist of the tanner over my skin. The result: Fine, flawless, and even shade of tan over my chest, stomach and upper thighs.

Now, my only problem is how to tan my back area without hurting my neck or bending over too much to see my backside.

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