Wednesday, June 22

Why Tanning Is Good For You

I just had a short vacation in Boracay recently with my husband. It was a brief weekend getaway for just the two of us. It served as a time to reconnect with each other, especially since we had a big fight the night before. All in all, the relaxation we enjoyed in Boracay was rejuvenating. I didn't even mind the little tan I had from swimming without a sunscreen. Luckily, I did not get burned by the sun!

It was just an hour or two of dipping in the clear waters of Boracay, but my skin already darkened to a nice dark tan. However, it did not remain that way for long. My skin promptly returned to a lighter brown. I was using a whitening lotion with SPF 50 and a whitening soap with high kojic acid content.

If I were really serious about getting a dark island girl look, the I would have bought tantowel to darken my skin evenly without burning it. Unlike a tanning lotion, which I had to rub all over my torso, including the hard-to-reach places, a tantowel is simply a towelette rubbed on areas needed an even tan. It dries quickly, too, because it works well when you needed to dress up for an occasion while on vacation.

Tanning without sun exposure seem fake to some people, but deliberately tanning your skin protects it from harmful UV rays, which strike us from anywhere, even when we only spend a minute out under the sun. Aside from the beauty of tanned skin, the color also deflects the UV rays. Plus, tanned people less likely feel uncomfortable when exposed to sunlight. The heat is not that bad at all.

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