Wednesday, June 22

Lifts Help Hoist The Disabled Into A Swimming Pool

I sometimes like watching Extreme Makeover Home Edition because of the beautiful houses they redo and the touching stories of the families who receive such gifts. I think the most fortunate of all are those with disabled family members because a house truly needs renovation when someone cannot walk or move about easily. Elevators are the most accessible, but if the homeowners want to save electricity costs, then lifts are sufficient.

Another important home renovation is to add a therapy room or a small pool for water exercises. Most disabled persons need continuous therapy to relieve aches and to rehabilitate muscles that might atrophy because of misuse. This is where a swimming pool lift comes into importance.

A swimming pool accessibility lift allows disabled persons to gradually sink down shallow water instead of sliding down steps or plainly falling down the pool's side. It is safer and more comfortable. A slide may be also used, but sometimes, slides have a way of building momentum. Unlike a short slide, a lift can be controlled how slowly or deeply the person may be sunk into a shallow pool.

Some lifts are installed beside the pool and others are portable for public pools and resorts who provide facilities for both the disabled and the able-bodied. They usually make use of hydraulics to lift a person. The parts can be replaced and repaired. Most parts are made of durable stainless steel to prevent breakage and rust.

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