Thursday, March 3

Let Flowers Speak What Your Lips Cannot

A daffodil closeup showing the various parts o...Image via WikipediaAlthough Valentine's Day has long passed, it does not mean that giving flowers is passe. In fact, because Spring time blooms first in the month of March, purchasing a bouquet of flowers may just be the accessory to beautify a room and bring in the scent of spring inside.

If you have a flower garden, whether big or small, then pick the fresh blooms quick and put them into watered vases to preserve their beauty and fragrance longer. After they have been cut, fresh flowers need water as well as moisture on those soft petals before they dry up.

For the month of March, the first blooms are usually Daffodils. Their trademark yellow color make them stand out. They symbolize friendship, hope and life. Sweetly fragrant, they are also known as jonquils in Spain and narcissus in North America.

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