Friday, February 25

Toughest Place To Be A Bus Driver Review

I am currently watching the Manila episode of Toughest Place To Be where Josh, a bus driver from London, takes a job of jeepney driver in Manila. During his jeepney driver stint, he will live with Rogelio, a jeepney driver, and his family. Watching Josh learn the ropes of navigating through the crowded streets of the metropolis and seeing the Philippines through his eyes, I come to many realizations, one of which is how difficult it is to live in this country.

I was born here and earn my living through the Internet. I live in the Visayas region, specifically in Iloilo City, which is less crowded and more laid back than other cities in the Philippines. I thought life is good here because we can still eat three times a day, but now I realized the quality of life I am living is not that fine to begin with. I do not have the money to spend for recreational activities. I have not bought new clothes for many months now. All of my money goes to food, utilities and paying off debts.

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