Saturday, February 19

HGH Suppression Decreases Risk Of Cancer And Diabetes, New Study Shows

The (supposedly) miracle cure that is HGH has just been dealt another blow. This month a new study has proven the suppression of this growth hormone can decrease risks of cancer and diabetes in otherwise healthy adults. Taking this growth hormone in any form does not offer much benefit, but emotional comfort in others who may be feeling desperate for some cure to aging or to losing fat.

Yes, HGH intake in healthy adults increases muscle mass while decreasing fat in the body. It also increases energy and bone density. However, like any other drug, HGH produces a few unpleasant side effects, such as joint and muscle pain, and the formation of breast tissue in men (gynecomastia). There is also swelling in the arms and legs.

Because of this recent study, it seems the use of HGH as a health supplement is dangerous to one's health as well as very expensive. An injection can reach upwards to thousands of dollars. For more information on this study, read the following LA Times news article:

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