Saturday, February 19

Green Tea and Organic Coffee: Natural Thermogenic Fat Burners

A photo of a cup of coffee.Image via WikipediaThermogenic fat burners often come in the form of pills, capsules and tablets, or sometimes, as powder drinks formulated into shakes for breakfast or dinner. However, these aren't your only method of losing that extra fat.

A new product called Boresha BSkinny comes in the form of coffee, which many of us love to drink. The combined effects of caffeine with ephedrine has proven to be effective in burning fat fast and even preventing the formation of unwanted fat. This technique of using two or more chemicals together to reach a more effective desired effect is called stacking.

The recommended dosage ratio of ephedrine to caffeine is 1 is to 10, which means taking 10 mg of ephedrine with 100 mg of caffeine. Adding aspirin increases the effect and using naringenin from grapefruit and its juice can prolong the caffeine's effects. An alternative is to drink Chinese green tea, which also has caffeine.

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  1. This is absolutely true. I did a green tea diet and lost 54lbs!

    Sounds strange but not as strange as eating only meat and losing weight...



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