Friday, February 18

Don't be a fool. Act now!

A car accident in Tokyo, Japan.Image via WikipediaReminders for getting a car insurance is never enough when you find yourself dealing with a road accident, no matter how minor it is. An expired car insurance is even worse because you have been protected, but you were negligent of keeping yourself protected in the long run.

There is no reason for negligence in the first place when you know car insurance quotes are free and accessible online. Do not wait for the next accident to come before getting an auto insurance fast. Driving a car without proper insurance can get you fined, or worse, in jail.

If the lapsed tie is short, then it might be easy to have it renewed at your present insurance company. You may not even get a fine for negligence. However, if your company is strict, then you may have to immediately purchase a policy. Your insurance company is obliged to inform DMV of your passe insurance policy, and they will inform you of the expiry date. Don't be a fool. Act now!
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