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Use Rose Geranium Oil To Prevent Stretch Marks

Squircle bellyImage by BarelyFitz via FlickrStretch mark creams containing copper peptides stimulate skin renewal by encouraging capillary formation and boosting the production of collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan; they also eliminate dead skin cells and promote the renewal of collagen.

People who are more prone to getting stretch marks than any other group of persons are pregnant women. Anti-stretch mark creams such as tretinoin or Retin A may not be safe. It is advisable for you to desist from taking any vitamin A supplements if you are making use of anti-stretch mark creams.

Pregnant women should use natural stretch mark remedies. Rose geranium oil is an alternative for taking care of stretch marks as it actually slows down aging, improves skin tone and helps to prevent and remove any type of scar from the body.

Body building exercises tend to result in stretch marks because of the strain put on the skin tissues in the course of lifting weights; weight lifters can patronize stretch mark creams to make their stretch marks appear indiscernible.

The cause of stretch marks in most teenage girls is growth spurt during puberty which places a strain on the underlying connective tissue of the skin, causing it to snap and bleed thus forming stretch marks.

Another cause of stretch mark formation is extreme loss of weight. Our skin loses elasticity and fails to return to its original shape after a person uses a fat burner like Lipofuze. Other ways of losing weight, such as spending time at the time, will increase skin suppleness and improve muscle tone rather than produce stretch marks.

Despite the various schools of views that surround laser surgery, it has been responsible for the successful fading out of stretch marks because of its efficacy in repairing ruptured blood vessels and healing the dermis (middle skin layer).

To prevent the appearance of stretch marks, you should try as much as possible to maintain a supple skin tone which has the ability to stretch without producing a tear by imbibing lots of water.

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