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Treat Acne With These Natural Home Remedies

While there are many reasons why people get acne, it can be a difficult condition to get rid of. Pimples have an annoying habit of appearing all over the place, and just when one clears up you may see a new one. There are over the counter acne treatments available at drugstores or you can get prescription strength treatments prescribed by a dermatologist. Or you can try the following natural treatments for acne.

One natural approach to treating acne is to go on a detoxification diet, which can be a fast or one that is based on fruit or raw foods. The key is to give up processed foods for at least a week. You should also drink plenty of water, to which you can add lemon. A juicer would helpful for making fresh fruit and vegetable juices. These help flush toxins out of your system, which in turn helps clear up your acne. You may have a certain amount of discomfort when you first try this, s your body is used to a different kind of diet, but doing this every so often can be very healthy and can help to clear up acne.

Because melaleuca oil is a powerful anti-fungal and antibacterial product, it is very effective for treating acne. Acne is often caused by bacteria, and tea tree oil is very good at fighting these. Apply it with clean cotton. Because pure tea tree oil is very strong, be sure to dilute it or it can irritate the skin. If you buy a product containing tea tree oil, be sure to read the instructions carefully. You should also start off using a little bit at a time, to make sure that it doesn't irritate your skin. Tea tree oil can be a very effective natural acne remedy.

Turmeric, which has many health benefits, can be used as a natural remedy for acne. Commonly used in Indian cooking, turmeric has antiseptic properties which give it many health benefits. If you don't want to use turmeric in your cooking, you can take it as a supplement. You can also make a turmeric paste to apply directly to your skin. Make the paste using turmeric and coconut oil, which has healing properties as well, and apply to your face. Use this paste at night before you go to bed but allow it to dry first. Using this treatment is a quick way to reduce your acne.

Don't let acne distress you too much. Many people, including adults, have to deal with acne and there are ways to treat it. Try these acne treatments to see if they will help you overcome this skin problem.

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