Friday, October 29

Stockings For Varicose Veins?

A woman wearing stay-up stockings held up by e...If only compression stockings are as sexy as these. Image via WikipediaRemember when I wrote that article on having large veins on the back of my hands? Although there are many solutions for those large veins on one's hands, the solutions for varicose veins on one's legs may not be as simple.

Some solutions may require surgery and hospitalization. Others may only need a special lotion and wearing special stockings, which you can easily buy online. Compression stockings online have different types: gradient and anti-embolism.

Gradient compression stockings are worn by patients that can still walk, while anti-embolism compression stockings (or TED stockings) are worn by non-ambulatory patients. Both stockings are looser at the top than around the ankles to encourage blood circulation and to lessen pressure of blood in the veins.

Compression stockings are mostly worn by medical patients, but you can also wear them if you have a problem with blood circulation as shown by blood pooling in the leg veins. Varicose veins are signs of blood circulation problems in your extremities.

Be warned, however, not to self-medicate and buy these stockings over-the-counter because you will need medical advice on the tightness of the stockings. You do not want to endanger your health further by accidentally cutting off blood circulation in your legs with the wrong type of compression stocking.
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