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Acne Solution Myths

Cross-section of all skin layers. Subcutis lab...Image via WikipediaAlthough they may sound or read like they have scientific bases because they explain in detail the possible causes of your acne, especially when the explanation involves biological terms. However, it seems the common beliefs surrounding acne solution tips we have learned from and shared with friends may not actually be the whole truth! Here are some acne solution myths that may surprise you.

Acne Solution Myth #1: Acne is caused by poor hygiene.

Acne is not primarily caused by dirt or too much oil on your face. Some people may produce excess skin oils and live with dirt all their lives, but not all of them develop acne on their faces. What can actually cause your skin to break out is the loss of protective oils and moisture on your face.

Your skin needs moisture and surface oils to stay supple and soft. If the skin is too dry or stretched, then it can easily break from too much scrubbing or rubbing from face washing. The type of ingredients in your facial products can strip your skin of moisture and oil. Always check for glycerin, anti-oxidants, and vitamin E in the ingredients list.

The best natural face wash to use is oatmeal mixed with honey. You can also use the first rice wash to clean your face. Another good facial wash is either Cetaphil or Lactacyd, which contain lactic acid that we commonly find in milk.

Acne Solution Myth #2: Acne is caused by certain foods.

Extensive research has been done on the possible connection of one's diet with acne growth, but none can pinpoint a substantial correlation between food and acne. The lack of some nutrients can produce unhealthy skin, but it does not necessarily lead to acne development. However, the lack of evidence does not also mean you can neglect the quality of your diet in relation to your skin.

A healthy, balanced diet can do wonders in keeping your skin healthy, smooth and glowing. It also improves your immune system, which helps in dealing with skin problems. A large supply of vitamins C and E and drinking lots of water each day are highly recommended.

Acne Solution Myth #3: Acne can be cured through long sun exposure.

Sun exposure supposedly dries up the skin and kills the germs, but the truth is, it can do more harm than good to your skin. Too much sun can burn your skin and cause cancer because of the UV rays in sunlight.

Instead, fix your acne problem by staying out of the sun for a while and using sun block with moisturizers whenever you need to go out with friends. Cover your skin appropriately to prevent UV rays from burning up your skin cells.

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