Thursday, September 23

The No Diet Plan

Various fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains; ...Image via WikipediaI am past it all! Diet pills fat burners slimming teas... Each product just blurs to the next one. They all produce results, but only barely, and only if you exercise a lot. I have decided not to think about what I eat anymore.
All I need to do is focus on what my body is saying. When I feel hungry, I should eat, but I must stop once I feel my stomach is almost full. I should not wait until it is bursting with partially digested food.
When I am thirsty, I should drink, but I must avoid binging on beer and liquor as well as on sugary juices, iced teas, and coffee. Stick to water to cleanse your system as well as maintain your body temperature.
How about the types of food to eat? believe it or not, your body will tell you what kind of nutrient it needs. Hormones in your body regulate your food cravings and those food cravings signify you need something in the food you crave for.

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