Thursday, September 30

I often wear my husband's sweaters to bed

Sweaters.Image via WikipediaBecause I always have some difficulty sleeping when it is cold, I have begun working nights instead of days. It is hard staying awake, which is why I have begun using caffeine, chocolates, and energy drinks extensively.

Aside from staying awake, I also have difficulty dealing with the cold. The brrrrr months are here and the nights have gone colder than usual. I have begun using my husband's thick sweaters to keep me warm.

I used to have one of my own, but I think I lost it years ago. I was in high school when I got it. Now, I'm more than thirty. It is only expected that we lose some of our clothes along the way. Good thing my husband loves to buy sweaters, cardigans and long sleeved shirts. I often wear his shirts to bed because I feel comforted by his smell.

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