Wednesday, September 29

I don't like the cold...

English: Picture of Pure wool blankets
Pure wool blankets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The ember months are here now and the temperature has gradually dropped to a chilly level. Because we are in a monsoon-infested country, the chill coupled with the wet days have made the nights way colder than usual. This is now a problem for me.

I am naturally affected by low temperatures. My body immediately fall prey to fever, sniffles and cough whenever the temperature falls along with my body temperature. I would lose body heat fast usually through either my scalp or my soles.

I already have a woolen blanket, but it is not thick enough to keep me warm, especially when my husband would use a fan when he sleeps. He's not at all like me. He loves the cold; it helps him sleep more deeply. Thus, I really need a heated blanket now, or at least a thick comforter.

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