Thursday, September 23

Exercise is the key to weight loss success

weight loss spa menusImage by ninahale via FlickrWeight loss dietary supplements, such as slimming teas and diet shakes, are expected to produce results after a week or so of consumption. However, these slimming products do not effectively work when 1) you are grossly overweight, and 2) you do not pair them with a daily intensive workout.
Exercise is the determining factor in any diet program's success. Without a regular activity that burns calories as well as tone down the muscle, the diet program simply decreases the amount of calories, and in some cases, valuable nutrients that the body consumes.
Instead of drinking diet shakes and slimming tease, try to eat more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, which are full of vitamins and nutrients that our bodies essentially needs. Pair it with healthy protein sources, such as fish and soy, then you will not have to deal with malnutrition and hunger during dieting.

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