Saturday, May 1

Race Car Drivers And Life Insurance

Chevy Corvette Race CarImage by Chad Horwedel via Flickr
I've been wondering about medical and life insurance for jobs that present an impaired risk to the policy holder. For example, if someone is working as a race car driver, then chances are, he will have to pay higher life insurance rates than ordinary people do.

If the driver does not earn big, then it is a bigger chance he won't have any form of insurance at all. In fact, the car he's driving would have been better protected than he is in an accident. The only way around this is for a race card river to work for a company that pays employee benefits, which includes medical and life insurance.

This same concern applies to extreme sports athletes and motorbike racers. Other high-risk jobs, such as in the military and the police provides better health and life insurance courtesy of the government.

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