Friday, May 7

Natural Remedy for UTI and Hemorrhoids

Our bodies are like machines. They run on fuel, which is food with the right nutrients, and can bog down when it is overused or ill maintained. Just like machines, our bodies also produce waste products. Our excretory system is one of the most important systems in our bodies, working hand in hand with the digestive and endocrine systems.

If we can not get rid of our wastes regularly, we accumulate toxins in our bodies. These toxins later on can cause diseases and weaken our immune system. To flush out these toxins, we are advised to drink plenty of water, exercise and eat a healthy diet.

However, our fast-paced lifestyle and the presence of pollutants in our environment interfere with our health. Sometimes, we experience urination and defecation problems, including UTI and hemorrhoids.

Drinking lots of water can help ease both problems. Water facilitate urination and defecation, which flushes out toxins. Drinking tea or coffee also achieves the same result, but they deplete our bodies with fluids that we needed to maintain systemic balance.

One of the best UTI treatments is to drink pure cranberry juice every day. The best hemorrhoid treatment, on one hand, is to eat fiber-rich foods every day. Fiber-rich foods would include grains, legumes, nuts, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

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