Thursday, April 15

Grilling versus Frying: Which is healthier?

Chicken On the GrillImage by dbkfrog via Flickr
If you like chicken, then it might be a good idea to take out your electric grills, or buy a set if haven't got one yet, instead of frying it. Food scientists from Drexel University in Philadelphia have proven in an experiment that grilled (broiled) chicken is healthier than fried (sauteed) chicken. As long as the skin is taken off before cooking the chicken.

The difference is something to do with how much fat is released during cooking. Frying adds to the fat, even though the chicken is skinless, because of the oil. Grilling leaves less fat in the chicken than deep-frying or sauteeing does.

However, grilling on hot coals may not be completely healthy or safe. Scientists have made an alarming discovery regarding barbecued meat. Two chemicals form when we burn meat. Those carcinogens form in two ways: First when fat drips on the coals, flaring up and blackening the meat. The second type forms when you cook your meat at a very high temperature, say 270 degrees.

For a safer grilling process, move the coals to one side and cook in low temperatures. Another way is to use electric grills which will not burn food and still heat up the meat and grill it.

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