Friday, April 30

Bluejay's Amigo Plaza: Feels Like Home

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The heat wave is not letting up. This is by far the hottest summer we ever had in the Philippines. The rivers are drying up, fishes are dying, people are falling over from heat stroke, and water reservoirs are gradually losing supply.

At home, the heat from the sun pools inside the house. My migraine starts up from too much heat. My only alternative is to go to the nearest cafe, use their free Wi-Fi connection, and seek respite from the heat through the cool air blowing from the aircon.

Among cafes and restos in Iloilo, I have a soft spot for Bluejays. They have a good selection of coffee and tea, plus a menu with pasta, sandwiches and delicatessen. With interiors of modern furniture, bright lighting and curtains, the place feels comfy for mobile workers like me.

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