Sunday, April 11

The Apple Trio

New iPod NanoImage by dpicker via Flickr
iPods have supplanted the role of the Walkman. It used to be cool wearing the stereo headphones and clutching the circular disc player while walking the street.

Now, listening to music is a subtle affair with earphones hidden behind a hood or long hair, and wires surreptitiously tucked inside a jacket or shirt. The iPod which plays more than a hundred songs in a play list is hidden in a pocket or inside a pouch hanging from the person's neck and tucked away inside the shirt.

Apple's small music player is the gadget of choice for many teenagers. Music is often equated to iTunes, which are best played in an iPod because of their proprietary formats.

With the advent of the iPhone and the iPad, all three gadgets can be integrated into one super digital machinery. A person can have everything inside the Apple trio - music, movies, games, apps, and the World Wide Web. Staying connected and beyond.

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