Friday, March 12

The Good And The Bad With Credit Cards

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I have learned my lesson with credit cards. Credit card processing was easy. I had an agent do it for me and my approval time was faster than my office mates who signed up on their own.

The first time I had one I was so excited. I used it frequently, although I always paid on time. However, I missed payment once and that was when my credit card woes began.

Missing out on credit payments and loan payments can cause a lot of problems. The late charges alone are significantly large enough to merit a second look on your credit card bill.

Credit cards are not that bad. They are actually useful in times when money is much needed. You can have cash advances with credit cards. They are also useful when spending the buck is not a good move, such as when you are at the end of your funds and losing hard money is not an option at that point.

Credit cards are also very, very useful when purchasing online. They simplify the buying process and keeps you in control of your online payments because of the bills.

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