Thursday, March 25

Five Simple Steps Towards Happiness

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Life is full of stress. We have all experienced how life's stressors can hurt our health and our relationships. When we lessen the stress in our lives, we also lessen the problems that plague us. Here are a few tips on learning to beat the stress down and living life with pleasure along with pain.

1. Take pleasure in small things.

Little things like seeing flowers bloom in spring are precious. Moments spent with family and friends can not be bought from stores. Do it the way spring plungers, people who plunge into the birth and bloom of the Spring season, do it. Take time to smell the flowers on your way to work, to look up at the sky on a clear night and appreciate the beauty of the stars, or to smile at the person sitting beside you on the bus.

2. Be thankful.

Even when you think the worst has happened to you, there is surely something, however little it may be, to be thankful for. Focus on the positive things in your life. Make an effort to retain the positive impression of these blessings. The negative impact bad experiences have in your life are balanced out by the good feelings positive experiences invoke in you. The positive feelings are so strong that even the memories are enough to make you happy.

3. Live your passion.

Passion brings zest to our lives. Passion is not just about sex; in fact, it is beyond physical pleasure. Passion is what makes our real selves come out and live life. Passion is what makes us feel fulfilled.

Our passions are found in many things. The task of finding our source of passion, whether it is an object, a person or an activity, is up to you. It takes effort to go out and experience different activities, meet new people, and be in different places.

4. Reach out and touch someone.

The simple act of touching brings many good things. It shows acknowledgment of the other person's existence, communicates recognition of the other person's humanity, builds friendship and camaraderie, creates an openness between two people, and starts an emotional connection that leads to bonding.

All these are minute processes that come together within us. They produce a good feeling produced by the endorphins in the body released during the interaction. Without human interaction, depression can set in.

5. Keep it simple.

Life is already too complicated; stop making it more so. Get rid of the unnecessary stuff in your life. For example, you have begun playing a game that is so addictive, you find yourself thinking of it before going to sleep and when you wake up. You become so engrossed in raising your score and beating the bad guys that you constantly thought of strategies even while you were in the shower.

Once this happens, you should stop. Just stop. Get rid of the game. Uninstall it. Block the application. Delete your account. Keep your life simple and you start focusing on things that are important, instead of stuff that do not contribute to your well-being.

So there you are folks! Five of the many easy steps you can take to live a simpler, happier life on this planet.

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