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Finding Jobs During Difficult Times

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With the rising unemployment on a global scale, many people have few options left for finding work. Finding jobs in New York, jobs in Philadelphia, or jobs in California may be easy because of the level of urbanization of these cities. But what about areas that are not as urbane or highly industrialized? A good option is to find a job on the web.

Jobs online are not just about programming or website design. A good typist can find a job for various clients and earn as much as $50 dollars per hour. Other online jobs that pay well is for a professional writer and a virtual assistant.

To be a highly paid online writer, you must be good in not just writing articles, but also in writing academic papers, business reports, press releases, marketing copy, and even medical and scientific articles. You also need a few technical skills to handle blogging and using the social media sites for marketing and search engine optimization.

Additional skills needed for a writer is keyword search and analysis, Internet research, and a bunch of other extra skills, like office and administrative skills. Once you become proficient in all these technical, academic, and office skills, you are ready to move up as a virtual assistant.

Unlike the ordinary secretary or office assistant, a virtual assistant earns more without spending more on gas and lunch expenses. As a virtual assistant, you are trusted by your client to become a "business partner" of sorts. You invest the time and energy in operating and marketing your client's business while working at home, or anywhere you want, as long as you have a laptop and a stable Internet connection.

If you are interested in working on small tasks that pay ASAP, you might wanna look into these sites:

Microworkers - Sign up as a worker. Make sure you keep your Success Rate at 50% and above to get the jobs.

Short Tasks - The payout is at the lowest at $10 to your Paypal account.

Amazon Mechanical Turk - You'd need an Amazon account for this site. This transfers directly only to your Amazon gift certificate.

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