Wednesday, February 10

My Fave SEO Tools

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I have just updated my Firefox browser. I have to delete one of the plugins that allow me to create different profiles. As a result, I lost some of the SEO tools I use in my job. No problem, though, because I have a backup of my addons stored. I got them all back in no time.

I can not NOT use those SEO tools in the course of my job. My all-time favorite is, of course, Quirk SearchStatus. For the rest, I use only trusted authorities in SEO, like Google and SEOBook.

Not all the SEO tools can be used as addons in Firefox, however. There are a few that are used only in-browser, like keyword search tools. For this, I use Google, the most reliable source for keywords. For link checking, I use other means, like Backlink Watch, which is also recommended by Mr SEOBook himself, Aaron Wall.

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