Thursday, February 11

Keep Taking The Vitamins

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One of my weakest spots in my body is my eyes. I recently had a bit of infection in my left eye. Fortunately, it did not affect the inside of my eye. The swelling and pain stayed on my eyelid. It was probably just a stye, but there was no pus or white growth.

One day later, the swelling went down, but I remained careful with touching the area too much or using my towel when wiping the water from my eyes when I take a bath. The risk of infection from my hands or my towel is too much to neglect the practice of cleaning up my hands and wiping it with alcohol regularly.

I admit I have been neglecting my daily dose of vitamins lately. I take vitamin C, vitamin E and anti-oxidant capsules. With vitamin C, I use Fern-C, which is a better option than the usual vitamins being sold at drugstores. Fern-C is alkaline, which helps the body absorb it better than acidic Vitamin C.

You can buy a box of Fern-C with 100 capsules for only 500 pesos.

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