Saturday, February 6

Free Massage From Spa Riviera at SM City Iloilo

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Spa Riviera has just given free spa services to the public enjoying a nice a nice Sunday afternoon at SM City Iloilo.

Several adventurous people signed up for a free back rub, facial or foot massage in one of its relaxing chairs and sofas. The rest were shy to approach the attendants at the sign up desk because the area was visible to the public. Everyone else can see you being massaged at the back or on the foot.

I initially wanted a nice foot massage, but one other sign up desk caught my eye. It's the Hatha Yoga group that gives yoga classes everyday of the week at Jaro for only 50 pesos each session.

I know trips to the spa filter the stress and negative energy out of our system, but yoga can filter out the negativity in our spirit and mind. Aside from helping practitioners improve their lean musculature and promote flexibility in their limbs, yoga can also promote emotional and spiritual health. It is not necessarily a new religion. Yoga can be learned as an alternative form of exercise.

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